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Harvey Hughes III – Biography of the Father of Julie Chrisley and Trey Hughes

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Harvey Hughes III

Harvey Hughes III, born in 1950, is an esteemed American figure renowned for his contributions as a physician and pastor. His groundbreaking research on the circulatory system, documented in 1628’s “Exercitatio anatomica de motu cordis et sanguinis in animalibus,” solidified his legacy in the medical field.

Family Ties and Personal Life

Harvey is the proud father of Julie Chrisley, a prominent American reality TV star and former pageant queen, and Trey Hughes. Julie, married to Todd Chrisley, shares three children with him and is also stepmother to Todd’s two children from a previous marriage.

Originally a mechanic, Harvey’s life took a transformative turn when tragedy struck. Following his son Trey’s diagnosis of a heart murmur and subsequent suicide at 26, Harvey shifted gears, leaving his mechanic job to become a pastor.

Pastoral Journey and Global Outreach

Harvey embraced his new role wholeheartedly, leading church plants, participating in youth camps, and contributing to mission boards worldwide. His impactful involvement extended to various radio broadcasts.

Tragically, Harvey passed away in May 2002, leaving behind his wife Pam and daughter Julie. His family includes stepchildren Kyle and Lindsie Chrisley, along with grandchildren Jackson Campbell, Chloe Chrisley, Savannah Chrysler, Chase Chrisley, and Grayson Chrisley.

Mechanic Turned Man of Faith

Born on May 29, 1937, in Center, Missouri, Harvey grew up with a knack for technology, showcased through his skills in building a wireless radio transmitter and a motorized bicycle from steam engine parts. A sociable and sports-loving child, he also had a passion for flying and pursued a hobby as a pilot.

As a devout Christian, Harvey later transitioned into a pastoral role, dedicating over 30 years to ministry. He undertook mission trips across Europe, Africa, Haiti, and beyond, demonstrating his commitment to global missions.

Literary Pursuits and Philanthropy

Apart from his pastoral duties, Harvey was an avid writer with two autobiographies to his name: “The Observer of Nature” (2006) and “The Observer of the Mind” (2011). Alongside his wife Pam, he founded the children’s charity “Books and More,” focusing on promoting literacy and English learning for children worldwide.

Financial Standing

Harvey Hughes III, known for his role as Julie Chipley’s father, possessed a net worth of $3 million. Despite his substantial influence, he maintained a low profile on social media platforms.

In summary, Harvey’s legacy encompasses a multifaceted journey—from a pioneering physician to a devoted pastor, father, and philanthropist, leaving an indelible mark on the lives he touched.

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