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American Nautical Services: Your Premier Maritime Solutions Provider

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American Nautical Services

Welcome to American Nautical Services, your trusted partner in the maritime industry. With a
commitment to excellence and a comprehensive range of services, we aim to exceed your expectations
and provide you with tailored solutions that meet your specific needs. As a leading provider of maritime
products and services, we are dedicated to helping you navigate the complexities of the maritime world
with ease and efficiency. Let us be your compass in the sea of possibilities.

Our Products

IMDG Code 2020 Edition: Incorporating Amendment 40-20 (2-Volume Set)

At American Nautical Services, we take pride in offering you the latest and most up-to-date resources.
Our IMDG Code 2020 Edition, incorporating Amendment 40-20, is an essential tool for anyone involved
in the transportation of dangerous goods by sea. With comprehensive guidelines and regulations, this 2-
volume set ensures compliance with international standards and promotes safety across the industry.

Volume 1:

– Detailed classification and identification of dangerous goods
– Packaging, marking, and labeling requirements
– Stowage and segregation provisions
– Emergency response procedures

Volume 2:

– Index of dangerous goods
– Additional guidance on special cases
– Appendices with supplementary information

With the IMDG Code 2020 Edition, you can have confidence in the safe and secure transportation of
dangerous goods, complying with the latest regulations and protecting both your business and the

Our Services

Comprehensive Maritime Solutions

At American Nautical Services, we understand that every business in the maritime industry has unique
requirements. That's why we offer a wide range of services to cater to your specific needs. Whether you
are a shipowner, operator, or marine professional, our team of experts is here to support you every step
of the way.

– Consulting Services: Benefit from our extensive industry knowledge and experience. We provide expert
guidance on regulatory compliance, risk assessment, and operational efficiency to help you make
informed decisions.

– Training and Certification: Enhance your skills and knowledge with our specialized training programs.
From maritime safety to cargo handling, our certified instructors deliver comprehensive courses tailored
to your requirements.

– Marine Equipment and Supplies: Access a vast selection of high-quality marine products and
equipment. We offer an extensive range of navigational charts, publications, safety equipment, and
more, ensuring you have the tools you need for a successful voyage.

– Digital Solutions: Stay ahead in the digital age with our cutting-edge maritime technology solutions.
From electronic navigation systems to voyage optimization software, we provide innovative solutions to
streamline your operations and increase efficiency.

– Ship Management Services: Entrust the management of your vessel to our dedicated team. We handle
technical, crew, and commercial management, ensuring your ship operates at peak performance while
you focus on your core business.


1. Q: How can I purchase the IMDG Code 2020 Edition (2-Volume Set)?
– A: You can conveniently purchase the IMDG Code 2020 Edition (2-Volume Set) through our website.
Simply visit and place your order securely.

2. Q: Can American Nautical Services assist with regulatory compliance for transporting dangerous
goods by sea?
– A: Absolutely! Our consulting services include expert guidance on regulatory compliance, ensuring
your operations meet international standards and regulations for the transportation of dangerous

3. Q: Are your training programs recognized and certified by relevant maritime authorities?
– A: Yes, our training programs are designed to meet international standards and are certified by
recognized maritime authorities. You can trust the quality and relevance of our training courses.

4. Q: Can American Nautical Services assist with sourcing specific marine equipment or supplies?
– A: Certainly! We have a vast network of suppliers and can assist you in sourcing specific marine
equipment and supplies based on your requirements. Contact our team, and we will be happy to help.

5. Q: What sets American Nautical Services apart from other maritime solution providers?
– A: American Nautical Services stands out through our commitment to excellence, extensive industry
expertise, comprehensive range of services, and customer-centric approach. We strive to exceed your
expectations and deliver tailored solutions to help you succeed in the maritime industry.


When it comes to navigating the maritime industry, American Nautical Services is your ultimate partner.
From our top-of-the-line products like the IMDG Code 2020 Edition (2-Volume Set) to our
comprehensive range of services, we are dedicated to supporting your success. Trust our expertise, rely
on our solutions, and let us guide you towards a brighter future in the maritime world. Contact us today
and experience the difference of working with American Nautical Services.

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