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Innis Jenkins: Navigating a Privileged Legacy in Entrepreneurship

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Innis Jenkins, born on July 25th, 1999, is the eldest child of renowned philanthropist Sanela Diana Jenkins and British banker Roger Jenkins. Despite maintaining a low profile, Innis’s life and background have captured the curiosity of many. In this article, we delve into his childhood, family background, and current endeavors, shedding light on the unique blend of privilege and challenges he has experienced.

Innis Jenkins Is The Eldest Child Of His Parents; What Was His Childhood Like?

Born into wealth on July 25th, 1999, Innis Jenkins spent his early years in the lap of luxury. As the eldest child of Sanela Diana Jenkins and Roger Jenkins, a British banker, Innis likely enjoyed a privileged and comfortable childhood. Although specific details are scarce, it can be speculated that he attended reputable schools and graduated from a renowned university.

He Has Part-Bosnian, Part-British Ethnicity

Innis Jenkins’s unique ethnic background adds an interesting dimension to his identity. With a British father and a Bosnian-born mother, Sanela Diana, who migrated to the US during the Bosnian war, Innis embodies a blend of British and Bosnian heritage. This heritage enriches his cultural identity, being half-British and half-Muslim due to his mother’s Bosnian Muslim roots.

Young Jenkins Was Just A Boy When His Parents Decided To Divorce; What Was The Reason?

The challenges of a high-profile marriage became evident when Innis Jenkins was around 8-9 years old. His parents, Roger and Sanela Jenkins, decided to part ways in 2011 after a 10-year marriage. The couple attributed the separation to Sanela’s desire to establish her own identity, feeling overshadowed by her husband’s reputation as a prominent banker. Despite the divorce, Innis’s parents remained amicable, maintaining a friendship for the sake of their son.

Both Of His Parents Moved On After The Divorce But Innis’ Mother Was The Only One Who Settled Down; He Also Has A Half-Sibling From His Mom’s New Relationship

Post-divorce, both of Innis Jenkins’s parents ventured into new chapters of their lives. His father, Roger Jenkins, married Brazilian model Larissa Andrade in 2018, while Innis’s mother, Sanela Diana, found love with singer/songwriter Ashar Monroe. They are now engaged and share a daughter, Eliyanah Monroe, making her Innis’s half-sister.

So, What Does Innis Jenkins Do For A Living?

Innis Jenkins has chosen a distinct path from his parents, venturing into entrepreneurship. Despite maintaining a low profile, his association with MetaForceX, a company exploring the real-world benefits of Web3 and decentralized systems, has surfaced. This innovative company merges the digital and physical worlds, reflecting Innis’s interest in cutting-edge technologies.

Both Of His Parents Have Quite a reputation Internationally; What Makes Them So Famous?

Innis Jenkins hails from a family of international repute. His father, Roger Jenkins, is a renowned British banker with a storied career at prestigious institutions like Barclays, Kleinwort Benson, and BTG Pactual. Besides his financial prowess, Roger was also a former athlete, competing in significant sporting events such as the European Championships and the Commonwealth Games.

Innis’s mother, Sanela Diana, adds to the family’s fame with her inspiring rags-to-riches story. A successful entrepreneur, philanthropist, and socialite, Sanela serves as the CEO of multiple companies, including a music label. Her stint on the 12th season of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills further heightened her public profile.

Is Sanela Diana’s Son Innis Jenkins Dating Rachel Roy’s Daughter? Who Is His Girlfriend?

Speculation arose in 2022 about Innis’s romantic involvement with Ava Dash, daughter of fashion designer Rachel Roy. An Instagram post showing Innis and Ava kissing fueled these rumors, though the post has since been deleted. Current findings suggest a possible end to the relationship, as there are no recent updates or sightings of the couple on social media. As of now, there is no information available about Innis dating someone else.

If Both Of His Parents Are Millionaires, How Rich Is Innis Jenkins?

While the exact net worth of Innis Jenkins remains undisclosed, he undoubtedly inherits significant wealth from his millionaire parents. His father, Roger Jenkins, boasts an estimated net worth of $80 million, while his mother, Sanela Diana, commands a substantial fortune of $300 million. Although Innis may not have amassed the same level of personal wealth at his young age, his family background positions him as a beneficiary of substantial financial resources. Despite this, he is carving his own path in entrepreneurship and innovation.


Innis Jenkins, the son of philanthropist Sanela Diana Jenkins and banker Roger Jenkins, may choose to live a low-profile life, but his background and family ties have piqued the interest of many. With a privileged upbringing and a lineage that spans British and Bosnian heritage, Innis navigates his own path as an entrepreneur associated with MetaForceX. While details about his personal life remain elusive, Innis continues to chart his course, stepping out from the shadows of his famous parents and making a mark in the world on his own terms.

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